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Medical emergencies call for immediate action. Getting your dear ones the necessary treatment within the Golden Hour is imperative. Owing to turmoil in your mind at that time coupled with logistical hurdles and a lack of knowledge, patient reach hospitals too late in many cases. Brookefield Hospital has developed a comprehensive program called BEAST to provide patients with expert medical assistance within the earliest possible time and thereby substantially increase the survival chances of the affected.



  • Reach the callers site, within the shortest possible time
  • Render expert, monitored, medical attention
  • Stabilise the patient's medical condition
  • Provide a conducive environment till the patient reaches the hospital

With BEAST you can be assured that the Golden Hour is optimally used with the provision of appropriate medical care to stabilise the patient condition. Further at that juncture, we provide you with the mind space to remain close to your dear ones rather than focusing on gathering patient information, registration formalities, transporting the patient, calling the ambulance or beating the traffic. With BEAST we at Brookefield Hospital are equipped and ready. So should you.


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  • Man - Team of two super trained, experienced, nursing staff, capable of setting up a MINI ICU within the confines of the patient’s residence.
  • Machine - Customized two wheeler (scooter) capable of housing Oxygen cylinder, necessary medical equipment and necessary medicines with the aim to reach your residence at the earliest
  • Medical Equipment - Necessary equipment such as Intubation Kit, Oxygen cylinder with accessories, Defibrillator, Portable Ventilator, Infusion Pump amongst others
  • Medicines - Necessary Medicines required to stabilise patient condition and support revival

1. Connect with our Emergency Response Team and the BEAST Team Leader by calling the dedicated emergency number as inscribed on the magnetic sticker handed over by us. Ensure that the sticker with its unique four-digit identity number is displayed on the refrigerator door at your residence and the number is stored as the ICE number on your mobile.

2. Equipped with a "BEAST app" on his phone, The "BEAST" team will obtain the entire past medical history, present treatment and the associated hospital details (provided at the time of registration)

3. BEAST Team is designed to leave the hospital within 30 seconds of receiving the call and reach the patient’s residence at the earliest using the pre fed GPS guides

4. Medical experts at the associated hospital are intimated of the condition providing them ample time to activate the ERT members and receive the patient at the emergency/casualty department



One touch medical emergency help at your doorstep. The BEAST APP will not only notify your friends and family via SOS but also trigger a phone call to the BEAST helpline. The APP would also send your location to the hospital and aid and expedite the arrival of help.


Personal Plan - Single person
Personal Plan - Two People
Personal Plan - Three People
Personal Plan - Four People
Personal Plan - Five or more People
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